About Us

Initially established in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, the Global Drilling and Exploration Group (GDE Group) has steadily expanded throughout Asia, Australia Pacific and Europe, Middle East and Africa. Headquartered in Singapore, the GDE Group currently operates out of ten international locations.

The GDE Group offers professional, innovative and efficient diamond and reverse circulation drilling services to the minerals industry, as well as offering a wide range of drilling services to the energy, civil, environmental and agricultural industries.

With employees that are committed to the highest standards of performance, safety, social responsibility and integrity, the GDE Group has substantial knowledge and expertise to collaborate with clients to identify, solve and complete their drilling requirements and needs. Our technical and support teams consist of expatriate and national individuals who have worked under every condition affecting drilling services across six continents.

Our focus on safety, productivity and recovery is fundamental to how we deliver our services and our fleet of rigs and equipment are continually optimised to ensure maximal rig availability and minimal downtime.

We have a proud track record of collaborating with clients to complete projects of varying complexity and difficulty throughout a range of territories and conditions.

The GDE Group comprises a number of member companies including Global Drilling, Indodrill, International Drilling and GDE Geotechnical. Each of these companies shares the same visions, values, principles, and approach to the services it provides all clients.


To be recognised and respected for providing the safest, highest quality, innovative and competitive drilling service to every company we collaborate with in every industry and country we work in.


Safety: Place the safety of every individual ahead of everything else.

Collaboration: Continually work with our clients to provide a service and product that best meets their needs.

Quality and Innovation: Always endeavor to provide the highest quality and innovative service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Passion: Embrace our passion to continuously strive to deliver the best product and service possible.

Integrity: Embody the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in everything we do.

Accountability: Be accountable for our actions at all times.

Environment: Demonstrate responsibility and care for the environment, communities and our surroundings.

Improvement: Continuously inspire everyone to be the best they can be.

Our Commitment

The GDE Group’s success is a direct result of Our Commitment to our clients, our employees, and the communities we operate in.

From the top-down, our employees undertake every aspect of their roles with great pride and an undeterred commitment to professionalism. We measure our success by our client’s satisfaction of the service they receive from us and strive to provide practical, effective, and innovative solutions while building a strong, transparent and open relationship with our clients.

We recognise that our employees are central to our ability to deliver our services. Consequently we provide our employees the opportunity to work alongside some of the most accomplished, experienced and capable individuals in the drilling industry while simultaneously providing opportunities for them to develop their professional skills and enjoy a sustainable career.

Our operations are almost always undertaken within or nearby local communities. We consider it critical to endeavour to provide jobs for people of local communities and also help local communities by donating to recognised charities, and supporting fundraising and community initiatives.

It is Our Commitment to all of these parties, as well as our Mission Statement and Values, that ensures we enable our clients to successfully achieve their drilling requirements.